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Studio Zappriani is a Bulgarian family company for high quality handmade lampshades, which implements projects for individual interior lighting solutions in various sizes, shapes and compositions, with an option to choose from over 2,000 types of certified lampshades; possibility for personal branding and printing of design on textiles; different types of interior lampshade foil; products made entirely of natural wood and natural veneer; possibility for wiring with a variety of colored textile cables; shapes of different type, material and color; rosettes different in type, color and size, etc.

Studio Zappriani executes both single standard orders for private homes and large ones in terms of volume and number - for retail outlets, restaurants, hotels and offices, sports centers and public spaces.

The team of Studio Zappriani can fully advise you on the most correct choice of suitable lighting fixtures for your interior design, which can be produced or delivered according to a catalog of European brands for decorative and technical lighting. The consultants are professionals in the field of interior design, who can work with architects and engineers and perform a field inspection to adjust every detail of the lighting to the architecture, volume and interior plan of the room.

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The original lighting models of Studio Zappriani are in the following varieties - Wall lamps, pendants and ceilings lamps, Lanterns, Table lamps.

At www.zappriani.bg you can view and order from the wide variety of lighting from other brands in Europe, and you can also choose for your interior suitable upholstered furniture and chairs from the Bulgarian companies Belcaro and Valinor, carpets from the European factory Fargotex, interior luxury fittings for furniture, decorations and accessories, interior and ecological chalk paint from the Autentico brand, hand-made perfume candles, designer stools and pillows for children, children's tents and rugs, etc.

The physical location of Studio Zappriani is a cozy "livingroom" in Sofia, 11 Yunashka Pesen Street, where the Zappriani Team will meet you for an individual consultation.

Who are we?

The Zappriani brand was founded in 2012 in Graz, Austria, by spouses Bogomil and Niya Zapryanovi, partners in business and in inspiration.

We are glad that you want to know more about Studio Zappriani and the people behind it.
Studio Zappriani are She and He and the hundreds of handmade lighting fixtures, lamps, lampshades, chandeliers, ceilings, pendants bearing the name Zappriani. Each model boutique lighting of our brand has a name that carries a message in every new home - Lampion.E, Elf, Magic, Independence, Wildlife, Eco, Walnut Cube - We give you a piece of positive light!
If you looking for lamps for children's room, handmade unique lampshades, modern design, lighting solutions for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, hallway, office, entrance, lobby bar, shop, cafe, boutique hotel - we will offer lighting in classic or innovative design style tailored to your wishes.

The company's activity and production are positioned mainly in the city of Sofia, where Zappriani Team works daily with some of the most productive Bulgarian architects, interior designers, construction investors, and thanks to the online store, the products with the label Zappriani are known not only in Bulgaria, but also in Austria, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Australia and America.

And who are "her" and "him"?

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Niq Zaprqnova

"Her" is me, Niya Zapryanova, the younger half of the team, a workaholic organizer, not accepting a compromise in the name of the best and correct service. Everything from the world of Zappriani, outside of the work process of creating the lamps, is entrusted to my hands. And when you step on the threshold of our Studio in Sofia, I will kindly invite you with that "Welcome", which I kept silent at the beginning.
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Bogy Zaprqnov

"Him", Bogi Zapryanov, the greater half of the team, is the multifaceted talent with golden hands - a professional carpenter, the man who creates each lampshade, lamp, lighting fixture bearing his name. He is the Perfectionist man, Unrecognizing compromise in the name of the best quality, precise to the last detail, creating the rich range of Lamps until the wee hours of the night.
And if you were a little intrigued and liked our models, follow us in our current and everyday world, on our Facebook page, because sooner or later you will be looking for that unique gift for birthday, child, Christmas, anniversary, dear person, business partner, you will need those beautiful lighting fixtures of Studio Zappriani and then - we will be here!

Our creative team

zappriani team person Zlatka Besheva photo

Zlatka Besheva

Lampshade master
Е: vp@zappriani.bg
zappriani team person Monika Krusteva photo

Monika Krusteva

Interior and graphics designer, specialist in the selection of appropriate lighting for each project.
Е: monika@zappriani.bg
zappriani team person Violeta Petrova photo

Violeta Petrova

Architect and interior designer.
Е: pr@zappriani.bg
zappriani team person Simona Mineva photo

Simona Mineva

Specialist in communications and advertising, author of articles on interior design.
Е: pr@zappriani.bg


In March 2019, Studio Zappriani won "First place - Choice of the jury" at the exhibition "Bulgarian Furniture of the Year" at the Inter Expo Center, Sofia, with the designer model Lampion.E, designed and developed by Bogi Zapryanov. In July 2019, the editorial board of "Nash Dom" magazine awarded Studio Zappriani the winner in the "Original Bulgarian Design" category for the Lampion.E model at the annual event "Recommended by Nash Dom", and in 2021 at the same prestigious event the next award for the Zappriani team is "For a successfully developing Bulgarian company". In September 2021, the European design platform BigSEE awarded Lampion.E by Studio Zappriani as the winner in the Wood Design category, nominated among dozens of competing for original products for wood interiors.
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Bulgarian furniture of the year

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Bulgarian furniture of the year

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Original Bulgarian design

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Original Bulgarian design


Special details

In October 2022. Studio Zappriani will participate as a trade exhibitor at the World Exhibition Light + Building in Frankfurt, Germany. Light + Building is the world's leading commercial scene for innovations in lighting and related technologies. The exhibition is held every 2 years, on the huge area of ​​the Messe exhibition center in Frankfurt, and in 2018 more than 2,700 companies took part, and the visitors were over 220,000, most of them are the best international architects, interior designers, engineers, construction investors and traders in the lighting sector.