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In this project, you have the opportunity to enjoy two different atmospheres that provide variety and possibilities to change the interior. From a more modern and stylish design to a more Provençal and cozy style, this project offers a real experience of the elegance and comfort of two different style visions.

The first look presents a modern and stylish interior that attracts with its clean lines and minimalistic details. Shades of gentle and pastel colors are used for the walls and soft furniture, creating an atmosphere of calm and harmony. The furniture is chosen with style and clean shapes that emphasize the modern design of the space. Lighting is integrated into the decor, with a focus on minimalist lamps and interior light design.

In the second vision with a more Provençal look, the project offers a cozy environment inspired by the Provençal style, with rich decorative elements and warm tones. Soft textiles, vintage furniture, and decorative elements such as ceramic dishes and textile curtains are used. The lighting in the Provençal style is well chosen, with a focus on stylish and elegant details that complement the cozy atmosphere of the space.