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Modern and stylish design for two rooms intended for teenage twin girls. This project creates a unique and functional setting, combining the individuality and styles of the two young ladies.

Room 1:

This bedroom was created for the first of the sisters and offers a cozy and relaxing environment. The tones are more gentle and soothing, with an emphasis on comfort and personal space. The bed is a combination of style and practicality, providing a soft and cozy place to rest and sleep. The walls are decorated with stylish decorations and art posters that reflect the interests and styles of the client. The space features a cozy lounge area where she can meet friends and have fun. This bedroom creates a sense of calm and personal comfort, reflecting the uniqueness and preferences of the second twin.

Room 2:

This is a cozy and stylish bedroom. Bright and fresh colors prevail in the interior, which gives vitality and joy to the space. The bed is selected with soft and comfortable textiles combined with stylish pillows and blankets that add extra comfort and aesthetics. The walls are decorated with fun and motivating decorations that reflect the interests and passions of the first sister. The work corner is equipped with a functional and stylish desk, providing a comfortable place for learning and creativity. This bedroom provides coziness and individuality, expressing the personality and styles of one of the twins.

In "Twins", every detail of the interior of the two bedrooms is created to reflect the individuality and styles of each of the sisters. This project provides two unique and private spaces where they can express themselves freely and create a cozy and inspiring place to live and relax.